ceilings, embossed metal ceilingsPatented by the American Metal Ceiling Panel Manufacturing Co.

Embossed Metal Ceiling screws into drywall!

The patented SnapLock tin ceiling panel is the first redesign of classic embossed metal ceilings in over 150 years. This unique system allows anoyone that can use a screwdriver to install a beautiful embossed metal ceiling within hours. This embossed tin ceiling product comes in a variety of classic patterns and over 65 powder coated colors. Offered exclusively by The American Tin Ceiling Company.


"We were trying to find a way to cover a popcorn ceiling without having to remove all of the popcorn. I have always loved tin ceilings and tin is a perfect solution for my 1940 built home. My contractor decided to start looking online and found your web site. The snap lock tin looked like what we needed. Then one night I was watching HG TV (which is a favorite channel of mine) and I saw they used your ceiling panels on a kitchen. I said to my contractor, "Thats it! I'm ordering the tin." It is beautiful, transforming the whole kitchen. I love it so much that I decided to install it in the living room."
- Jeanne Bowman

Screws directly to popcorn ceilings, no removal required.

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